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Navigating the Aging Body

By connecting with our bodies in a loving way, we are able to overcome challenges.

⚠️This course is not for everybody — this is for people who have the emotional courage to face aging in your body as a learning journey.

Can you imagine getting excited about what aging can feel like?

This course, "Navigating the Aging Body,” includes six sections that include on-demand video, engaging audio, links to resources, and an opportunity to engage with yourself in a whole new way. Each section is enhanced with beautiful images from Janice’s paintings and contains reflective questions, nourishing practices, and practical resources to guide you.

Can you imagine having confidence in your ability to confront challenges, so that you can make choices on behalf of your well-being?

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"The course was insightful, motivating, simple to read, accessible and full of actionable ideas to enhance my life." -Sarah

Hello from Janice

I created Body Dialogue because I needed a roadmap. Our bodies are our teacher and as we age, we can use the messages from our bodies to teach us who we are, what we need to learn, and how to face our fear with love and acceptance.

I come from the perspective that we have the answers within us, but we need to take the time and the emotional courage to look deep within to find the answers.

This is not a how-to book. The practices that we offer will enable you to bring your heart to your body so that all the negative emotions that we’ve associated with aging can be transformed into an opportunity for growth.

"In a moment of shock, grief, panic I can simply find my breath and allow a long exhale to slow the pounding of my heart. From this space, I can continue to provide emotional first aid to myself and then to those in need, rather than fleeing from pain. The return to my breath is what allows me to work from a place of compassion, not just for my patients but for myself. " -Erin P.

What You Will Receive from the Course

  • The course is delivered at your pace. Once each section is complete, the next section will be delivered. Take one month or twelve or anywhere in between, making the course truly personalized to your life.

  • Tangible ways to bring more joy and imagination into your life.

  • Special offers for private session with Janice.

  • This course contains six sections of information gathered from a lifetime of study including actionable insights and reflective exercises to encourage deep integration. Each section will be sent to you in the form of a PDF document. Every section elaborates on a theme of Body Dialogue, which contains links to audio recordings, videos, writing, and reflective questions.

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"I probably stopped breathing in a healthy way close to 40 years ago, so it is no minor feat that, through Janice, I learned how to breathe and keep breathing. Janice has helped me deepen my connection with my body and truly be in dialogue with it so that I can better navigate all the moments of my life. This new awareness has been life-changing!"

-Rachel K.

This checkout is secured through the Stripe payment processor, and the charge to your credit card will show up on your statement from Body Dialogues. Cancel at anytime.

Common Roadblocks to Signing Up

I Just Don't Have the Time

It doesn’t take much time, it can be 5 minutes. First time around read the text, second time around do the practices. There is not a right way to do this, so you cannot do it wrong

I Don't Have the Focus

Every section have little 5 minute sequences. You can do this exactly the way you want. There is no need to make it take too much time. Just jump in when you feel called to do so.

I Don't Like Online Courses

I totally understand, me too! This isn’t one. This is not a course in a traditional manner. If all you want to do the videos or audios, they are there for you. If not, that is ok too. You are delivered the information via pdf and can access on your phone, tablet or computer at any time. No logging in, no forgetting your password. Easy access!